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HOA Board Meeting Minutes Template – A How to Guide on Properly Writing HOA Board Meeting Minutes

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HOA Board Meeting Minutes Template How To Guide

Have you ever been assigned the task to document or write HOA meeting minutes? Are you a brand new HOA Board Member or an HOA Secretary in charge of taking HOA Meeting Minutes? Because most HOA Board of Directors are not elected for a lifetime and duties change often, we’re going to fill you in on the proper way to write up HOA Meeting Minutes with our free HOA Meeting Minutes Template.

Being assigned the task to write (in most cases with technology these days, minutes are typed up electronically) HOA Board Meeting Minutes may make new HOA Board Members or new HOA Board Secretaries a bit nervous at first. We’re here to tell you that taking proper HOA Board Meeting Minutes is much easier than you think.

Here are some basic tips to remember while documenting HOA Board Meeting Minutes:

  • Be Prepared – Whether your HOA Management Company or a current HOA Board Member provides a physical agenda, always bring a pen or pencil and a clean sheet of note paper. Having the proper tools to take notes and document official actions is a must.
  • Be Concise – HOA Board Meeting Minutes should be easy to read and informative. Minutes shouldn’t be a conversation log, HOA Meeting Minutes are a legal document used as evidence or reference that document when actions were taken and voted on.
  • Keep The Same Format – Messy HOA Meeting Minutes are frustrating. Not only to other HOA Board Members, but the turnover experienced by future HOA Board Members makes it hard to understand each HOA Secretary’s method of producing HOA Meeting Minutes. Ask your HOA Management Company for suggestions on how to keep your minutes relatively structured consistently for ease of use for years to come. Remember, HOA Meeting Minutes are official records of the HOA Board of Directors that document past actions taken to better or maintain the community.

Using a standard method or template to document HOA Meeting Minutes is what we suggest to the HOA Boards of communities and commercial properties we manage. Using a standard yet crisp Meeting Minutes Template is beneficial for the historical actions of past HOA Board of Directors.

Here are some things that need to be documented in HOA Board Meeting Minutes Templates:

  • Legal Name – The legal name of the association needs to be included for reference.
  • Meeting Specifics – The date of the meeting, the type of HOA Meeting (Regular HOA Meeting, Special HOA Meeting, Executive HOA Meeting, HOA Meeting of the Members, etc.), the time of the meeting, and the location of the meeting should all be included in a formatted header.
  • List of Attendees – The list of attendees should include the names and HOA Board Positions of all HOA Board Members that were present at the meeting, HOA Board Members that were not present at the meeting, any guests that were present to speak at the meeting (HOA Attorneys, HOA Landscapers, HOA Contractors, etc.), and any and all HOA Management representatives that were in attendance. HOA Members are typically not be included in the HOA meeting minutes.
  • Quorum – Were there enough HOA Board of Director members present to officially have a meeting? If you aren’t sure what this means, see the description on our F.A.Q. Page for more information about HOA Quorums.
  • Start & Finish Times – Identifying the actual start & finish times are important aspects to include in your HOA’s Meeting Minutes. Document who called the meeting to order and at what time as well as when and by who the HOA meeting was motioned to adjourn.
  • Board Actions – All HOA Board Actions need to be documented in the HOA Meeting Minutes. HOA Action Items could consist of approvals of specific or non-specific items, delegations of authority, and or directives voted upon for your HOA Management Company or HOA Property Manager to conduct during the period of time between regular scheduled HOA Meetings.
  • Executive Sessions – Any items of HOA Business or discussions can and should be recorded during HOA Executive Meeting sessions for future reference.

Properly writing HOA Meeting Minutes is very important and a responsible individual of the HOA Board of Directors should volunteer to uphold the HOA Secretary position during their term. A clean and simple HOA Meeting Minutes Template is a great tactic to consistently prepare and document HOA Board Meeting Member’s actions. Using a proper HOA Meeting Minutes Template prepared and used over and over will also be admired by current residents or homeowners for the ease of reading. Making your HOA Minutes Template readable by homeowners will help gain trust and confidence in the HOA Board of Directors currently serving the community.

For your convenience and a more extensive understanding of the bulleted points above, we’ve included a basic HOA Meeting Minutes Template for download below. Take a look at the structure and the content that was actually recorded for official HOA Board Member use. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today.

Download HOA Board Meeting Minutes Template Here

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